square and round dance in eastern ontario

Visiting Clubs

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing. You meet new people, they meet new people and you get to dance to another caller or cuer. More people always means more fun. And perhaps they'll return the visit to your club.

Dance Dangle Program

The best way for any dancer to become stronger is to dance more often -- and visiting other clubs is a great way to do this. A different caller or cuer will present things in slightly different way so you won't become ingrained with just your local patterns.

EOSARDA awards dangles to encourage dancers to visit other clubs and to attend dances. Click here for detailed information on the program.

Banner Napping

Banner napping is a fun way to visit other clubs. The purpose of the visit is twofold: have fun dancing at the club and then "steal" their banner. This then obligates the club to return to your club at a later date with a group of dancers to retrieve their banner. Click here for more information on Banner Napping

Helpful Hints