square and round dance in eastern ontario

Support from our clubs

The success of our annual dances depends upon not only the support of the dancer population but the support of the member clubs of EOSARDA. To continue to make these dances successful and enjoyable for our dancers, EOSARDA Board members need your Club's help with and the various tasks associated with putting on a dance of this size. EOSARDA is responsible for the overall organization of the dances.

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Depending on the location of the dance, tasks will vary some, but in general, the support Club(s) would be asked to take care of tasks such as those shown in the info bar on the right

If all EOSARDA Clubs in Ottawa and surrounding area provide their support, each Club would volunteer once every three or four years. The larger Clubs are asked to take the initiative and book their Club. Smaller Clubs are encouraged to team up with another club(s) large or small to support these dances, as well.

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