square and round dance in eastern ontario

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I've had a pet project way back when I created the Kicker's first website (perhaps 2000??).  I had created a webpage that proposed getting a list of people who could provide overnight accommodations to out-of-town dancers; then dancers who might like to travel to a distant dance, but who didn't relish driving in the dark and arriving back home at midnight, would be able to contact a host, sleep over and then drive home in the morning.   Perhaps a return visit to the visiting couple's town to attend their dance might ensue -- but not mandatory.  It was a way of encouraging dancers to attend dances and perhaps enjoy some social interaction as well.

Although I had some idea of how it might work, the page was never made public because I didn't have time to assess the need or interest of dancers,   I wonder if anyone sees value in such a project and would like to resurrect it.  The  website would be used to help in promoting such an exchange, soliciting host names and providing some contact information to those who might wish to avail themselves of the offer.

And perhaps you have your own ideas to benefit dancers where a website could help facilitate it's execution.